Local Honey – Local Labels

Local Honey – Local Labels

"Small batch labels for small batch honey."

One of our favorite things to do is showcasing local businesses. That is why our name is what it is – Local. Two Trees produces small batches of honey in North Central Arkansas. Leslie Nichols of Two Trees was in need of labels that she could put on both her quart and pint sized jars of honey.

Leslie tends to 23 hives and harvests about 20 gallons each season. She promotes the health of each hive by assuring that they have a queen and that they are on track to reach seasonal milestones. Her bees produce the most delicious local honey and it sells out before it ever even sees a jar.

Leslie holding a jar of Two Trees honey, featuring a Local Press & Design custom label.

Close up of open been hive, hand grabs rack of honey comby


Our project consisted of a 2 color label and a 1 color belly band for the jars. We wanted to highlight the beauty that is Two Trees farms by incorporating the trees into the design. It makes the labels unique and personal. The labels were printed on self-adhesive paper and we used a metallic gold ink to make them feel and look extra premium.

Two Trees honey jar, placed on top of open been hive, honey glistens in the sunshine, bees crawl on comb in the background

We learned so much from this project and would certainly love to do more of this in the future! Have a product you need a label for but don’t have the scale for 10,000 labels? We can help. Our goal is to serve those that want premium print products, but can't afford industrial sized procong. Your local business deserves the best quality services too.

Production Notes

  • Services – Custom Design & Letterpress
  • Specs – 2 Color Label, 1 Color Belly Band, Colorplan Self-Adhesive Paper featuring Metallic Gold Ink
  • Run – 700 individual pieces
  • Investment – $350 – $525 + design fee

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